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We offer…

  • Personal interaction with you and your staff

    We like to meet face-to-face with our clients preferably at their offices so we can get a feel for the business and its staff

  • A range of ideas best suited to give your business an online presence

    Some businesses only require a reference point, some a portfolio of services or products and others need online sales; we want to give you what you need

  • A selection of add-ons to further your exposure

    We can offer you or your clients online registration, subscription to news updates, a Google Adwords campaign, bulk email-sending

  • Regular feedback regarding effectiveness

    We provide stats regarding visits to your site (using Google Analytics) and exposure from bulk email-sends


For the new or small businesses, we have a range of innovative ideas to get you started online…

  • a BASIC site for R1 000…or
  • or RENT-A-SITE from R350 per month

Click here for an example

Maintenance Package:

  • Backups

  • Updates

  • Site Security

  • Databases Optimisation

  • Analytics Reports

Cost: R900 per quarter

While business owners/staff may be able to edit their websites, very few see to the maintenance of their sites. With the fast-pace growth of technology, developers are regularly bringing out updates to systems and hackers are just as regularly attempting to spoil those systems. Everything Internet has invested in new, up-to-date software to create a maintenance programme that will back-up your site monthly, provide constant site security, install newly published updates to your system and clean databases. All this will ensure your company’s online presence continues to function optimally. Further to this maintenance, we offer Google Analytics Reporting. This will give owners insight into:

  • how many users are visiting the site – new or returning users
  • what devices they are using – mobile or desktop
  • their geographical location, and
  • how users are finding the site – whether referred from another site, or through a generic search, or via your Adwords campaign, or via social media…

All of these metrics can be crucial to your marketing campaign. More detailed information on any of the above is available.

Google Adwords Analysis

Cost: R300 per quarter

Businesses that make use of Google Adwords need to have their campaigns analysed regularly as Google periodically tweak their algorithms and searchers use new keywords. Quarterly reporting can lead to cost saving.


Cost: R80 per domain name per month

Everything Internet makes use of highly-rated servers for website hosting that are situated around the world. While “local is lekker”, at least we can ensure that your website is always online – even during our “rolling blackouts”.


Training is included in the initial cost of the website and is provided face-to-face and by way of written instructions.