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Websites – Simple, Clean & Modern…and most importantly…mobile responsive!

Your website needs to impress…

  • any person who is looking for what you sell; it is a marketing tool
  • any person who wants to buy what you sell; it is a sales tool
  • any person wanting to find out more about you and your business; it is a branding tool.


For the new, small or medium size business, we have a range of innovative ideas to get you started online…

  • a BASIC site for R1 000…or
  • or RENT-A-SITE from R350 per month

Click HERE for an example

Mobile is taking over the internet

Apps account for 86% of device time, as opposed to only 14% on the mobile web.  Without a mobile app, you are missing out on being a part of that 86%.

  • They are faster and easier to use
  • Your icon on the homescreen of your customers’ phones – they see your business every time they look at the screen.
  • Even better than that is push notifications.
  • Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing encompasses a variety of ways to gain exposure for your business online and to build a relationship with your clients: functional websites, landing and conversion pages, links to other sites, Google Adwords, newsletters, bulk emailing, good rankings in the search engines, customer relations management, social media – we can help you with it all.

    E Commerce

    ‘The world is growing smaller and smaller’. You can buy anything from almost anywhere at anytime. Have your products or services available to customers anywhere, at anytime, to optimise your sales. Your website can be populated with ‘buttons’ for customers to ‘Purchase Now’. Payment gateways are safe and reliable for you to accept payment for your products and various delivery methods are available too. Harness the buying potential of people looking for what you offer at the very time they are looking for it !!!

    Google Adwords

    Google Adwords is a wonderfully specific and measurable way of advertising your business. Your targeted Ads are shown to customers searching for what you are selling. Only their click draws a cost and they are then routed directly to your website or landing page. And you can set a budget for this cost. It is targeted, specific, measurable and economical.
    Let us set up and manage your Google Adword campaign.

    Domain Name & Hosting

    Choosing a domain name for your website is very important. Are you looking to promote your brand or your product/service ? Let us help with a domain name choice, registration and the hosting of your site. We offer very competitively priced hosting with a reliable, professional service provider, and email addresses linked to the domain name.

    Support & Maintenance

    While business owners/staff may be able to edit their websites, very few see to the maintenance of their sites. With the fast-pace growth of technology, developers are regularly bringing out updates to systems and hackers are just as regularly attempting to spoil those systems. Everything Internet has invested in new, up-to-date software to create a maintenance programme that will back-up your site monthly, provide constant site security, install newly published updates to your system and clean databases. All this will ensure your company’s online presence continues to function optimally.


    We believe that a business should be able to manage its own website which is why, wherever possible, we use Content Management Systems for customer sites. This allows you to manage/edit your site yourself. And we will provide training for you or your staff in this regard. However, should you not wish to worry yourself with that aspect of your business, we are willing to provide ongoing assistance.

    Does your company have an internet strategy? Does your competition?