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We exist to find you new clients

147 150 potential clients delivered…
How many would you like?

What you get is…

A stream of new sales prospects…

Traditional advertising relies on putting your advert or message in front lots of people, most of whom are not in your target market, and most of whom are not ready to buy today. This means that it is expensive and wasteful.
The Sales Motor service reaches people … Who are looking for what you sell right now. These are folk actively searching for answers, prices, quotes, and help in your field and in your target market whether that is just your town, your province, or the entire country.

Benefits to you

Great prospects start flowing within 7 days.

Imagine a stream of strangers knocking at your door every day. Each one asks you for help with problem that your business exists to solve. This could be a physical product from an air conditioner to a videowall. Or a service from asbestos removal to vending. Each gives you enough information to call back and either close the sale, or gather enough information to offer a formal quotation, or to get in early when a longer sales process is needed. Sales Motor finds and delivers those prospects to you.
Enquiries arrive in your email inbox or on your mobile phone.


When a prospect enquires we send you an email with all the details they give us. This cuts the need for cold calling, because each person is inviting you to call back. (A quick call is the fastest way to impress a prospect, and means that you can stop talking about how good your service is because you have just demonstrated how insanely great it is.)

We guarantee our results.

If we cannot find you the results we tell you we can, then we will walk away fast. And we will refund you. We think that long term relationships are far more important than sales. We do not bind you to long term contracts (or any contracts).

This also means we will not commit unless we are sure we can deliver.
We save you lots of time and effort. When we start out with you we will build a complete marketing process to deliver prospects to you. We will do everything so that you can focus on your business without distraction. We will build a new website to advertise your product or service, which will run parallel with your existing corporate website. Our websites have been designed to convert viewers into enquirers.
Then we will build a world class advertising campaign to identify and find everyone who is looking for your product or service.
We constantly hone the results you get. A simple click on an email tells our system what you think of each enquiry, and we use that to improve your results over time. This means better prospects at lower cost.

Automates client acquisition
If you are a smaller firm you will no longer be reliant on a single person to find new clients. This allows a business owner flexibility to sell the business, something which is impossible otherwise.

And the costs?

First Month…
Traditional advertising is based on the number of people expected to see your advert, and those numbers are summarised at the end of each quarter. There is no accountability. We charge a first month service fee of R4500 to build your campaign, roll it out within 7 days, and test it as we find the first group of prospects. At the end of this first month we can predict the kind of investment Google will need to give you the results you want.

Thereafter…Our monthly service fee drops to R2500 plus the costs of Google traffic. Most of our clients settle on a total monthly fee of R3500 including the costs of Google. This advertising process is fluid, and changes daily, and as trends change we will keep you informed. You are not bound contractually so that if your circumstances change, or your market changes, you simply tell us.


Our philosophy

As long as the results we deliver far exceed your costs, then we are adding value. As long as we are adding value, we think you will want to hang around. As soon as we stop adding value, we think you’d be crazy to stay. So we work hard to help you build your business.

What next?
Hit the ‘Contact Us’ button at the top of the page, fill in the form and we will get right back to you – quickly!