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Mobile is taking over the internet.

From the mobile web to mobile apps, it’s quickly becoming as important, or more important, than the desktop. You need a mobile strategy for your business, if you don’t have one, you may be losing sales and customers.

If you aren’t convinced, here are some figures that illustrate the importance of mobile:

Mobile web browsing accounts for almost 1/3 of web traffic worldwide, and it is growing fast while desktop is declining. It’s only a matter of time until mobile overtakes desktop internet usage. (In fact, it already has in several countries.)

Data shows that most time spent on devices is in apps, upwards of 80%. Much of this time is in email, social media, texting, and games. However, more than half of the US population has made a purchase via mobile, and that number is expected to rise sharply.

With such high numbers of consumers purchasing through their devices, it’s not something businesses can ignore.
The question is, what are you doing to capitalize on this opportunity?

A two-pronged mobile strategy

There are 2 ways to reach your audience on their devices, your website and a mobile app.

If you have a responsive website (that means it looks good on all size devices), that’s the first step. Making your website content easily accessible to devices is incredibly important, some even take a ‘mobile first’ approach. In that case, the website is designed for mobile devices first, and then optimizing for bigger screens is done second.
Many businesses don’t take advantage of the second part of the strategy, mobile apps.

Do you know what sending push notifications and being on the home screen of your customer’s phone can do for your business? 80% of device time is spent in apps. Is your app one of them?

Mobile apps can help you reach your customers in new and exciting ways, helping to grow your business. Let’s look at four reasons an app can supplement your existing website and marketing strategy.

1. Your customers love apps

Everybody loves apps. Your customers use them every day, and search the app store for new ones.
Apps are fun to use, and really easy to access. In fact, they are so popular that they account for 86% of device time, as opposed to only 14% on the mobile web.
Without a mobile app, you are missing out on being a part of that 86%.
Let’s look at why mobile apps dominate device usage.

2. They are faster and easier to use

Using an app is easier and faster than going to your website.

Here’s what the experience is like going to your website on a mobile device. Click the web browser icon, wait for it to load, type in a web address or Google search, wait for your site to load, then look for what you want. Mobile websites are not always pretty, so if you go through all that hassle and then the site is difficult to navigate, it’s frustrating.
Compare that to the experience on a mobile app, (assuming the app is already downloaded to the phone). Click the app icon, load the app, find what you are looking for quickly. Much better!

Many mobile websites have a horrible experience. Even if the site design is responsive (optimized for mobile), most websites load too much info on the page – ads, email opt-ins, sidebars, unrelated content, large images, etc. Frustrated, users immediately go elsewhere. Mobile apps tend to have a much better experience because they are faster and less cluttered.
Apps can be much faster and easier to use than websites due to the technology. A lot of the files that need to be loaded over the web are already on your phone in an app. That means significantly faster load times, which results in a huge boost in engagement with your audience.

3. Distribution

Getting your business on the iOS and Android app stores is one more way to be everywhere. Your customers have one more way to consume your content, purchase your products, or get in touch with you.
If you have an icon on the homescreen of your customers’ phones, they see your business every time they look at the screen. Even if they don’t open the app, that can be multiple times per day that they see your logo. It’s a great way to stay at the top of their minds.

4. Engagement

If your app allows your customers to get to your content faster and easier, they will engage with it better.
They will know that when you publish a new article, or add a new product, they can quickly get to it. It’s dead simple for them to open your app to see what’s new, so they will come back more often.

Even better than that is push notifications.

It’s like sending a text message to all of your customers at once, even if the app is not open. Have a sale? Publish a new article? Have an upcoming event? Send a notification right to your customers pockets instantly.
That type of engagement can only come from a mobile app.

(credit Scott Bolinger/ AppPresser)

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