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Optimisation: Chances are that there are many companies advertising the same products and services as you provide, on the net.  To make your website the ‘go-to’ site, there are many tools that can be used to make it ‘search-engine-friendly’ and direct potential customers to your website.  These range from the wording used in text on your site to the keywords listed in an Adword Campaign directing traffic to your site.  And further tools exist to narrow down the customer’s requirements so that you are not bothered with (or paying for) customers who are looking for something similar.

Re-design: Here we not only look at making your site visually attractive to avoid ‘bounce-aways’, but also incorporate ‘call-to-action’ buttons encouraging customers to click a ‘buy-now’ button or ‘submit’ an enquiry form for further information.  These are important as they allow you to ‘catch’ the customer at the precise moment that he/she is looking for your product or service on your website.