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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing encompasses a variety of ways to gain exposure for your business online and to build a relationship with your clients: functional websites, landing and conversion pages, links to other sites, Google Adwords, newsletters, bulk emailing, good rankings in the search engines, customer relations management, social media – we can help you with it all.

E Commerce

‘The world is growing smaller and smaller’. You can buy anything from almost anywhere at anytime. Have your products or services available to customers anywhere, at anytime, to optimise your sales. Your website can be populated with ‘buttons’ for customers to ‘Purchase Now’. Payment gateways are safe and reliable for you to accept payment for your products and various delivery methods are available too. Harness the buying potential of people looking for what you offer at the very time they are looking for it !!!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a wonderfully specific and measurable way of advertising your business. Your targeted Ads are shown to customers searching for what you are selling. Only their click draws a cost and they are then routed directly to your website or landing page. And you can set a budget for this cost. It is targeted, specific, measurable and economical.

Let us set up and manage your Google Adword campaign.